The Geminiani Electric Drive experience

Hybrid and full electric systems

The future of energy production

From a small artisan workshop in 1958 in the heart of Romagna, Geminiani was born, which, still today, spreads the passion for innovation in Italy and in the world.

Today, with the same philosophy of the time, we can offer our partners complete Plug & Play projects and systems, both hybrid and electric, for every agricultural and industrial vehicle, through a division dedicated to both hardware and software development: Geminiani Electric Drive.

Why an electric system?

Geminiani entered the world of electric motor development with all its system variations and all its different architectures, investing around 2 million Euros in research and development, with innovative projects and with the aim of creating technical staff trained to provide the necessary assistance as well as a range of solutions able to cover the most diverse needs.

Why all this? Why from the endothermic world only to the development of diesel electric solutions?

Because with a history of over 50 years in the world of endothermic diesel engines, we have seen the evolution of the system from Stage 0 to Stage V over the years. In the last 20 years, only thermal engines have had to reduce their emissions by over 90% both Particulate matter and NOx, without changing any system intrinsic technology, but adding components to the heat engine, increasing the criticality of the system itself.

Just compare the structure of a modern Stage V diesel engine and a hybrid engine to understand the difference.

Stage V system

Diesel engine

Composed of:

  • Thermal engine
  • Post Treatment System (DOC + DPF)
  • Nox Reduction System (SCR - Urea)

Each of these components has its own control electronics. Three electronics that have to communicate with each other without generating errors. It is a complex and fragile because the OEM customer, the end user and the service networks have not yet learned the necessary skills. It's not durable because it has a greater number of components and sensors, subject to breakage.

Sistema ibrido

Thermal and electric engine

Composed of:

  • Thermal engine (with its down - size)
  • Electric machine
  • Control electronics
  • Battery

In this system there is only one control electronics that acts as a master compared to the others that are slaves, with a clear determination of who does what. A simpler and more efficient system.

Diesel Engine


Battery Pack



That's why switch to hybrid today

Ready to use

Compact electric machines, efficient, reliable electronics and high-performance batteries. We make architectures available to our Partners with the aim of providing a simple, durable and easy to understand system for each end operator.

Innovation 4.0

With our system integration from controls to monitoring equipment and satellite freezing systems and through the visualization in the dedicated applications it is possible to create machines compliant with «Industry 4.0 goods».

Concrete goals

With a hybrid system, several objectives are now achievable: fuel economy, emissions reduction, noise reduction, performance increase, diesel engine down size, power optimization and efficiency increase.

We design any application

Hybrid Agricultural Tractor

Terminal Tractor

Hybrid boat

Mixer wagon

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