Power Pack

High power availability, increased operational efficiency and reduced assembly time.

A product designed for OEM manufacturers who require:

  • A complete solution, ready to start
  • Easy installation on any self-propelled machinery
  • Reduction of machine development costs
  • Complete range of motors from 19 kW to 186 kW, in compliance with the emissions of the European and USA Directive and with the European noise directives.

Made with passion since 2002

In 2002 Geminiani signs with Perkins the agreement for developing the Power Pack. A finished versatile, hardworking, clean, economical, easy to install and ready to use engine, available with a wide range: Perkins, JCB, Yanmar, Kohler, Caterpillar.

Power Pack: no time to lose

Ready to start, plug and play and no engineering costs.

Ready for installation

Working with our extensive range of diesel engines, we can design, supply and integrate the complete power solution, incorporating the fuel, exhaust and cooling systems, control panel, electronics and any acoustic or safety enclosures required.

Custom made to your needs

Each Power Pack is supplied with full technical documentation and is custom-built to ensure it has everything you need, plus ensuring full compliance with all current emissions’ and health and safety standards.

Saves time and expense

Power Packs can save OEMs considerable time and expense in designing and specifying the complete power solution, providing an easy, plug-in option to help improve manufacturing productivity.


Product with power from 20 to 200 KW.