The harmony of a group

The reasons to choose a highly reliable partner for your business.

Geminiani is the leading company in the commercialization of industrial and agricultural engines for Perkins and JCB. In addition, its activity is developed in the production of customized engines and in the distribution of spare parts, made even more accessible and fast through the creation of the eGeminiani ecommerce platform.

Company structure

Geminiani is a family holding company controlling 100% of Geminiani Spa. Geminiani Spa is the trading company managing the business and effectively interfadng with suppliers and with the entire market area, providing the services required. The company has four plants, with a total working surface area of 8,000 m2.

The company is divided into 4 plants, each specialized in a field to guarantee maximum efficiency and the best quality:

  1. Parts and Product Support: headquarters of Geminiani SpA, and the historic headquarters of the commercial - production activities of Geminiani snc.
  2. Engine Division: a real production part, where the production of the Power Pack Line, the Commercial Office for the Engine Business, the deposit for the New Perkins Engines, the production linked to the OEM customer projects (such as, for example, Motors for Refrigeration Units).
  3. GE Global Engines Division: in which JCB products and spare parts are marketed as well as having the development of customized products.
  4. Geminiani Hybrid System Division: pride and flagship of Geminiani SpA; here is the headquarters of the Research, Development and SMART Drive division - University Spin-off with Roma 3.

Management Summary

Our management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People who work at Geminiani want to do so because the company offers an environment that encourages creativity, responsibility and achievement of important goals, thus guaranteeing wide gratifications.