Solid roots for a solid business

A reality structured in departments and factories covering all the needs of a continually evolving market.

Company Structure

Geminiani Srl è la società che gestisce il Business e costituisce lo strumento che con efficacia si interfaccia ai fornitori e a tutta l’area del mercato interessato, fornendo i servizi necessari.

The working surface is of 8,000 sq/m (of which 5,400 sq./m covered – 2,000 sq./m open  – 600 sq./m offices). Geographical Location and Plant Organization: All the plants of Geminiani are located in Lugo (Ravenna - Italy)

Parts and Service, Agricultural

Plant 1

Sales of Spare Parts and Product Support; Commercial Offices for the Sale of Spare Parts and Warranty Management, Administrative Offices and Machine and Engine Repair Workshop and Engine Test Bench.

Geminiani Diesel Engine System

Plant 2

Stock Warehouse Engines and Sales in the territory of Industrial Engines and Power Packs, Commercial Offices for Engine Sales and Warranty Management, Production Lines for the Power Pack Product, Marine Hybrid Development.

Industrial and Marine Hybrid & Electric drive

Plant 3

Semi-finished warehouse for the Production of Power Packs and all the OEM's customer setups. Training Center for the Geminiani Network Training. R&D and consulting projects dedicated to OEM's

Energy & Storage, Consulting & Project

Plant 4

Research and development department with electrical test rooms, computer library and system installation control department. Warehouse of products for the ecommerce. Product Development: Dynamico.