Research and Development

Always in our DNA

Geminiani dedica da sempre grande impegno nella ricerca e nello sviluppo

Geminiani has always been dedicated to the technological excellence of its products since, in 1968, for the first time in history, it installed a diesel engine on an Alfa Romeo Giulia car. The success is such as to move a new market, which will lead to the appearance of the diesel engine in series cars.
Since then, Geminiani's history has been studded with great technological successes, born thanks to customers' needs listening and attention to the trends in the industrial engine market.

Today we can count on a plant entirely dedicated to research and development, with an electrical test room and an informatic library.

Geminiani designs and studies its products, always self updating on the latest news, developing engine packs with emission according to the latest regulations in force.

Stage V, the new emissions regulation, entered into force in 2019 in Europe. Geminiani immediately adjusted its engines, providing filters (DPF) and paying special attention, in addition to emissions, to efficiency and sustainability.

La regolamentazione EU Stage V pone un limite sia alla massa di particolato inquinante emesso (PM) sia alla quantità di particolato (PN) emesso dal motore.

Geminiani è in grado di fornire ai suoi clienti macchine conformi alle normative in materia di emissioni EU Stage V.

Viene mantenuta l'efficienza delle prestazioni e i costi restano competitivi.

Hybrid technology

Intelligent, efficient and clean

As a response to market demands of more silent, high performance and environmentally-friendly systems, Geminiani offers new technologies as the Hybrid Pack, the Genesi (variable speed generator) and the Dynamico (UPS dinamico).

Geminiani supports you in the transition to new technologies, offering advice on products available on the market and possibly following you in the creation and development of projects from scratch, tailored to your needs.

Custom Projects

From your needs, we create something new

What if you need something that doesn't exist yet?
Do you want to design a new machine and do you need a particular engine?
We design and create together with you.

Our customers have taught us that every specificity needs a different solution, so we are open to new solutions and to the development of unique and particular projects.

The big experience and expertise allow Geminiani to meet the challenges of the most original customizations with sure success.

  • Technical and commercial offices specialized in engine customizations
  • Know-how gained in over 50 years of activities
  • Full workshop with trained and updated staff.

Check out some of our personalized projects.


Power Pack

The right solution for OEM's Custsomers Engines manufactured by Perkins

Power Pack Stage V

Compact systems for the production of energy with low impact.



The world changes, knowledge increases: Geminiani learns it for you

Training Center (1st national training center) set up with the aim of offering the technical skills needed to work with the new generation of engines: to be the protagonist in the near future.

The TRAINING CENTER is a national training center for engine repair shop technicians, set up efficiently with classrooms, multimedia tools, laboratories and engine rooms to transfer the necessary technical skills and abilities to customers in a complete manner.

Teachers come directly from manufacturers within seasonal programs and calendars.