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Industrial engines

Fan to flywheel: the best brands and the Geminiani guarantee

If what you want is only the engine block, we can offer you the best brands at a great price.

In Geminiani you will find a business partner capable of providing you with pre and post sales advice and assistance, suggesting the most suitable products for a more conscious and satisfactory choice: from servicing to advice, both for a complete purchase and for spare parts, you will find competence, seriousness and commitment.

In addition, you have the assurance of the Geminiani guarantee.

Why choose Geminiani as a diesel system supplier?

  • Ensure continuity of production
  • Reduce the stock of our OEM customers (consequently reduction of fixed assets by our partners)
  • Ensure flexibility of set-up (from Flywheel Fan motors to Power Pack & Power Pack stage V configurations or dedicated products).

We are the first Italian company producing liquid-cooled Soundproof Diesel engines such as the Power Pack and Power Pack stage V, created to meet the OEM's needs who want to have a Ready to Start product, customized and without engineering costs from the manufacturer. Thanks to the stock of engines in stock in our departments, we are able to reduce the supply times of the engines.

Looking for a complete product instead?

Our experience allows us to give you more than just the engine.

Geminiani also offers three different configurations, up to the ready to start engine, easy to install with no engineering costs.

Open Pack

A complete engine that only needs the housing

A finished versatile, hardworking, clean, economical, easy to install engine, ready to use once installed in a case. Available with Perkins, JCB, Yanmar, Kohler, Caterpillar, Baudouin engines. Find the Open Pack that best suits your needs.

Power Pack

High power availability and reduced assembly time.

For OEMs who require a ready to start solution, easy to install on any self-propelled machinery and with reduced machine development costs. Available with a wide range: Perkins, JCB, Yanmar, Kohler, Caterpillar, Baudouin.

Power Pack stage V

Variable speed, stand alone or connected to the network

The evolution of energy generation in generating sets. It guarantees output voltage and frequency regulation and fuel savings, thanks to a new inverter technology applied in the industrial field.